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Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

advantages - disadvantages of information technology, internet computer and communication technology (ICT)

The modern era of globalization would appear that information only. And all that information can be with the media among other newspapers, TV, internet. Any sophisticated media technology to get new information is melaluli Internet technology. Which internet media, we know the information to the parts of the world. The great thing with this internet we can connect with some friends or family far away.
But this is a conversation as well for people who nge-net hobby and hobbies that do not nge-net. Maybe this is there are some things that impact positive or negative. Among the impact of this technology positf through diantarnya:

A. In the Social Sector


The progress of communication technology can facilitate rapid.


1. Communication means are usually blank face to face and now not.

2. Someone who constantly hang out with the computer will tend to be someone who is individualistic.

3. Very easy opportunity entry of the things that smelled of pornography, Porno action, and violence more easily.

4. ICT advances will also be further exacerbate social inequalities in society between the rich and the poor.

5. The rise of cyber crime continue to haunt like carding, caused by crackers, manipulation of data and various other cyber crime

6. According to Paul C Saettler from California State University, Sacramento, One thing is certain, child and computer interaction that is one (person) facing one (machine) does not cause children to be socially intelligent.

B. In the Education Sector


1. Information required will be more rapid, easy access.

2. Innovation in learning is growing increasingly facilitate the education process.

3. ICT advances will also enable the development of a virtual class or class-based teleconferences, which means learning not only in one room with a teacher ..

4. Administration system in an educational institution would be more easily and smoothly since the implementation of ICT systems.


1. Will further facilitate the occurrence of violations because the more easily access data that is causing people to plagiatis cheating.

C. In Economy


1. More and more open jobs.
2. Can facilitate business transactions-traansaksi a company or individual
3. Facilitate the promotion and marketing of a product with putting ads on the site.
1. Also facilitate prohibited transactions include transactions smuggling
2. Many break-ins occurred trekening

D. In the Government Sector


1. With this developed technology called government or e-government makes it easier public access to government policy in any programs that the government can proceed smoothly.

2. e-government can also support a more efficient, and can improve communication between government and business sectors and industries.

3. Community can provide input to the performance of government positi ..


1. The more free people accessing government sites will open an opportunity for cyber-crime that could damage the system of ICT in e-government. For example the case of piercing site when the General Elections Commission by a cracker.

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